Three Weeks of Normalcy: Ending

We have three weeks left of this normal in Arizona.  Then it’s on to another normal.

It’s sad, for sure.  But it’s also okay.  It is an ending that we knew was coming.

It is weird to think of leaving Arizona.  It feels weird to just cut loose from the life we have been living and the friendships we have built here.

We are leaving people and places behind.  It is humbling to hear other camp staff speak of how we will be missed.  To think that seven of their friends are going to leave and seven new people are going to come in, puts me in awe of the permanent community here at Lost Canyon.  Their normal is being shaken again, too.

We have friends across the state.  Not just here at camp.  Which is one of the major reasons I love working at Young Life camps.  You get to build relationships with people all over.  You visit their city, go to bingo together, ask how ministry/life/school is going because you get to be a part of it.

It’s funny to think about what the next normal will be.  Before this year, I knew a very deep desire for staying and roots.  I always thought that meant Virginia.  But now, having put down little roots somewhere else, I now know that that desire can be manifested anywhere.  Now I want to see things.  I have discovered the freedom and joy of exploration this year.  The exploration of places and people and ideas.

So new normals will come.  Whether it’s revisiting old normals or creating some new ones.  Whether that’s the Blue Ridge or the Big Apple.  For now, this normal still stands.