Creating and Mourning Normalcy

Life in Williams, Arizona is good.  It has been surprisingly uneventful!  The people here are wonderful, and it’s overwhelming finding new things to do because there are so many neat places!

My job in housekeeping is pretty straight forward.  Sorting laundry, cleaning toilets, making beds.  Folding fitted sheets!!  It’s different every day, even if it’s not different every week. Though it seems and can get mundane at times, housekeeping has been really cool.  We see and take care of places all over camp, so I’ve learned a lot about where and how things are on property.  It’s also perspective building in that we get to prepare a place for campers to hear the Gospel.  As Jesus prepares a place for all of us in heaven, we get to reflect that a tiny bit by making a bed, scrubbing a toilet, and mopping a floor.

All of us interns are from different parts of the country.  Virginia, Tennessee, North Carolina, New York, Ohio, Oregon, California.  It has been really cool to learn each other’s contexts of where we are physically coming from, but also all of our past and vast experiences.  And then how to not just keep existing together, but how to grow and encourage and love each other better.

Williams is good. Camp is good. There is nothing bad about life here!  But I am getting to the point where I long for Salem, Virginia.

I miss the familiarity of home.  I miss my people.  I miss Mill Mountain and Mac and Bob’s.  I miss the boring same-old-same-old.  I miss the ease of life there.  Which makes sense, having grown up there and now moving across the country to a strange new place.  It’s March, which in SWVA is time for spring to start happening.  But here, things are STILL TAN AND DARK BROWN.  And apparently snow is not out of the question till mid-May.  I may or may not have impulse bought flowers at Michael’s yesterday.

There is one coffee shop in Williams and I am determined to make it my new Mill Mountain.  There is a great diner that serves breakfast all day and a saloon that serves popcorn and has a cat.  My newest prayer is that God would give me eyes to see the physical beauty of this place and that I would chase that beauty down.

Isaiah 61 is God declaring the promises of His favor.  Basically how great the world is gonna be as God continues to shape it.  He says that “they will be called oaks of righteousness, a planting of the Lord for the display of His splendor.”  God has been reminding me a lot lately of how He creates and asks us to be “oaks of righteousness.”  In retrospect He has reminded me of how I was that oak in other places too.  In Williamsburg at school and in Salem at home.  How faithfulness begets faithfulness.  His to me, and mine to Him.  I am a transplanted oak tree.  Getting used to the new environment, but still an oak tree.