Three Weeks of Normalcy: Beginning

We’ve been at Lost Canyon for three weeks.  And it has been awesome.

God is good.  He knows my heart and reminds me of His provision.  The mountains and trees here remind me of my VA home.

Life here is so comfortable.  Not that it’s super easy or is going to stay that way, but it is so Good.  The Spirit reminds me of lessons I have had to learn before.

It’s beginning to become normal.  Schedules, groceries, bed times.

We are beginning to know each other.  No food allergies, fave spots on the couch, who gets antsy on snowdays, when we need to stop each other from buying another sweater.

We have watched all of the Harry Potter movies.  Play the expansion box for Settlers of Catan.  Buy tons of coffee.

I dug my car out of 18 inches of snow for the first time today.  It started, praise the Lord.

We share many meals.  We have all staff meeting every morning, read scripture, pray and praise the Lord for what He has done.  We live life together.  Deeper and deeper into Life we will go.