HBD, Baby J.

Whether it’s the reason you celebrate Christmas or not, the reason Christmas is even a thing is to celebrate the birthday of Jesus Christ.  So I was thinking the other day, “Jesus, what do you want for your birthday?  What do I give to somebody who created the very dirt I walk on?”  Talk about giving a gift to ‘the person who has it all.’

And then THAT got me to thinking even more.  What does Jesus either not have or has willingly given up to me to choose to do with as I wish?  Jesus has willingly parted with my heart.  My heart/spirit/soul/vibes/energy/attitude is the one thing that Jesus has relinquished control over.  Could He just snatch it and take it over? Totally, He’s the God of the friggin universe.  And yet He allows me to choose to do with it what I please.

Should I give Him equality and justice for all of man kind? Jesus is the just King of Kings who works those things through me.

Should I give Him an air-tight, theologically sound argument for the case of (fill in hot button topic)? Jesus has already given His Word for me to use in conversation.

Should I give Him forgiveness for those who do harm? Jesus is the only one who offers true reconciliation that we can choose to be a part of.

Should I give Him a Southern Living decorated home and a JCrew wardrobe? Jesus is the only perfectly complete being.

Jesus doesn’t want perfection.  And that’s good, because we can’t give it to Him!!  Jesus only wants your heart.  Your messed up, grungy, hole-ridden heart.  All that other stuff is good and fine, but secondary.  My heart is the thing that I have to willingly give up to Jesus to start work on.  Let me tell ya, Jesus does WERK on people’s hearts.  Oh, the before/after stories I have heard and experienced once people returned their hearts to Jesus.  

Mark 2:17 “Jesus said to them, “It is not those who are healthy who need a physician, but those who are sick; I did not come to call the righteous, but sinners.””

For His birthday, give Jesus something broken.  He’ll regift it back to you, but it’ll be better than ever before.