To the Family of My Heart

I get to fundraise for my year at Lost Canyon.  It’s actually been a really cool learning time!  We’ve read this book “The Spirituality of Fundraising” by Henri Nouwen.  It’s awesome.  It talks about how fundraising isn’t about asking/begging for money because you don’t have it.  Fundraising is about people supporting you.  In any way! It’s about inviting people to be a part of what you’re doing.  Not everyone can go on a mission trip to a third world country, but any one can donate money, clothes, toiletries to the group going and still make a difference.

So I’ve written my support letter, made a list of people to send it to.  In the process of stuffing envelopes, I get to write a little note on the bottom of each letter.  It’s actually been really hard.  It’s hard because how do I articulate how much this family means to me in the bottom margin of a letter head?

The family friends who are no longer friends.  Just family.

The friends who love me and know me in my brightest and my darkest.

Those who have taught me more about the world and how to love it more than they realize.

The dear ones who have walked with me (and sometimes pushed me) through the refining fires of new and hard things.

Those who can say, “I’ve been there.  It sucked.  But you come out the other side.”

It seems silly to ask the people to “come alongside me in this new adventure”.  It’s as if they weren’t already there.  So I guess I should say this; “Dearest friend, please keep coming with me in this life.  Because by your companionship in it, I and others have learned and seen love.”


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