Up to Speed

It is funny/embarrassing to look back at previous posts on this page.  Thought about deleting them, but hey, that’s who I was and what I was going through.

Since summer 2k13 these things have happened. Junior year: by far the hardest, most tear filled year of school.  Summer 2k14: was bakery intern at Young Life’s Saranac Village camp; changed my life so hard.  Senior year: THE BEST.  Graduated and moved home: hard and good. Worked in a bakery: hard and good. More on some of these later, probably.

In this moment: been sitting in Mill Mountain Coffee and Tea so long my latte is room temp and I have listened to The Oh Hello’s new album twice.  Still living at home and loving it.  Working at Mac and Bob’s as a hostess and it’s one of the best jobs I’ve ever had, frankly.  I am a part of my home church and a new church and a part of and leading a Bible study.  Friends new and old.  Life new and old.

Speaking of new life.  I am moving to Arizona for (at least) a year to be a part of the year-long intern team at Young Life’s Lost Canyon camp!!! So excited and nervous and terrified and excited! I cannot wait for that time to come.  I’m excited for the opportunity to learn more about what full-time camp staff looks like and to learn how to live life out in SWUSA. I really hope I turn into a cowgirl. Or a cattle wrangler.  And I have a few ideas of what will happen after that, but I don’t actually know.  Much more on this later. Probs tomorrow. Or the next day.  Soon.

God is good.  And a little crazy-town.  He is the ultimate in safe crazy activities.  It may not seem safe or sane or expected; like moving across the country to work at a camp that you had honestly kind of forgotten that you had applied to.  But He is a full God that invites me and you into a full life.  Full of safety, adventure, love, hurt, friends, loneliness, grand slams and face plants.  Pour one out for the God of the universe.

“I know who you are now. I have always known you.  I know who I am now. And all that you’ve made of me.” — The Oh Hello’s ‘Dear Wormwood’


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