Winding Down

It’s been good.  It’s been a good summer.  

Abba has created me tenderly and gently to be who I am.  I’m just one part of the greater body of Christ.  One niche in the kingdom.  Built for a purpose and role that onlyI can preform.  A time and a place.  In front or behind the scenes.

We went to a music festival a couple weekends ago called FloydFest down in Floyd, VA.  It’s always a killer time.  It’s also always a raucous party.  At first, going into it, I thought to myself, “Sweet. Gonna be the only sober one all weekend.”  But then I remembered Isaiah 61:3 “bestow on them… a garment of praise instead of a spirit of despair.”  My definition is not ‘the straight-laced, Christian friend.’  My definition is ‘child of the King.’  Made it a lot easier to cut loose a little and dance my butt off to John Butler Trio.  One of my friends remarked, after offering me some moonshine, “You’re Ruthiey. You don’t need alcohol to have fun.” True dat, sister.

Academic life update:  returning to William and Mary.  God got me here.  By His power I’m gonna stay here.  BUT. Gonna change to a 3D art major. Why? Because I want to, daggumit.  It’s more fun. I could still teach.  But what I really wanna do is go to culinary school.  YoungLife camp staff? 

Mark 10:49 “And Jesus stopped and said, “Call him.” And they (the disciples) called the blind man, saying to him, “Cheer up! Take heart. Get up; he is calling you.”

My favorite prayer lately has been, “God I pray that I wake up a different person.  Someone more who you created me to be.”  And everyday, I get a little closer.


P.S. Gonna be 21 in 2 weeks. Opened, by myself, my own savings account today.  Big girl pants on.