Fireside chats

Fire has always blown my mind. Like, how does it DO that?!?! Okay, yeah, I get the fuel+oxygen+heat part, but how does fire work? With the colors and the is it a solid or a gas and why does it glow and what happens between fueloxygenheat that makes it burn?

Somebody probably knows the answers to these questions. But I don’t. And I like it that way.  Keeps fire magical and mystical and wondrous.  I think that if I knew everything about it, it wouldn’t be as fascinating.

I was thinking that way about God too.  Obviously we don’t and will never know everything about God. But I know the basics: He loves me, is unendingly faithful, is wonderful and terrible, mighty and gentle.  And if I learned all there was to know about God, 1) I’d explode and 2) would He still be as awe inspiring as He is now?  He probably would be because He’s God, but I’m okay and content with not knowing exactly how He works.  Knowing would take the wonder out of it all.

God always tells us to ‘be still’.  And I always interpreted that to be physically still.  Okay, I can sit still and read my Bible or rest my bones.  But today, I learned that God wants me/us to be still mentally.  My mind has been going nearly non-stop since the end of the semester. Trying to discern God’s plan for my life and all that shesh. Woof.  But God commands me to be still and just enjoy Him.  Just enjoy his presence and friendship.

Like watching a fire.  Sometimes you sit around a fire and talk about and wonder about how it works and why it does what it does.  But the best times around a fire are when you sit and just enjoy the wonder of the flames.


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