With Urgency and Not With Haste

Today I learned how to shrink wrap stuff. IT’S AWESOME!!!  And I put boxes together. Awesome, even though slightly less novel.

Today I learned how I love to work.  In a casual setting, maybe with people, maybe without.  Les Miserables playing in the background (not required).  Hands on. Love me some hands on work.  Maybe that’s why I may change to an art major.  Working with “urgency but not with haste.” Holler at Mumford and Sons.

The line in the song is “I will love with urgency but not with haste.”  So true.  That’s how we worked in the kitchen at Rockbridge.  With urgency because there was a deadline, but not with haste so that it became sloppy and mistake ridden.  Urgency means timely need.  Nice. Haste means feverish speed.  Not nice.

Like baking bread!! wow.  Gotta move in a timely fashion so that the yeast isn’t over-worked, kneading with rhythm.  But if you don’t knead enough or let it actually bake enough (moving with haste) you get a crap loaf of bread.  Nobody wants that.

Haste is sloppy. Shows up when you don’t want to be doing your task.  Like cleaning the drains.

Urgency is how I think we can best show Christ’s love when doing physical work to love someone.  Not wasting their time, but still taking the necessary time to create a quality product or do the job well.  Jesus and God move at all different speeds. Most of which do not align with our envisioned timelines.  But one thing that is the same is that God takes the necessary amount of time to shape us into the highest quality product (disciples/ lovers/ servants of him) we were meant to be.  Shaping us into who He created and intends us to be.  So, perhaps working with urgency but not with haste is a way to exemplify Christ’s love.  Like in Philippians 2:13 “…for it is God who works in you, both to will and to work in his good pleasure.”


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