Hoping in a Legacy of the Lord

One of my all-time favorite Bible verses is Hebrew 10:23 “Let us hold unswervingly to the hope we profess for He who promised is faithful.”  unswervingly. It just swivels off the tongue.  But unswerving HOPE?  Only capable of that when what I hope in has been the same FOREVER and never backs out on a promise.  Our good good God.

I’ve always loved hope, but now hope is real.  Based on someone who is worthy of our expectation.  Not my own capabilities  many they may be sometimes.

My unswerving hold is tested when family members get diagnosed.  When what I thought was right isn’t.  When I want to run away.  When holding on gets hard.  Sometimes my hold slips and I drop.  But when I call out to Christ He picks me up. I hate sounding so Hallmark, but at least they got something right.  When Peter begins to walk on the water, his focus is on Jesus.  But when he looks away he sinks.  Peter calls out to Jesus and He “immediately” reaches out a hand to sinking Peter.  So is my life of walking and sinking and walking.

I went to my “babies” last band concert tonight and it was a glorious occasion.  Yeah, the music was well done, and they looked great.  Most of all, though, was being able to watch them for 2 hours and praise God for the men and women of Christ they are becoming.  I started thinking about legacy.  People usually want to leave a mark, a legacy, a part of them behind in something that means much to them.  What I realized tonight though, is that the best legacy is a legacy of the Lord.  Which is the only legacy that matters.

My babies are only 2 years younger than me and we all began our walks with the Lord around the same time.  Before that even, I took them under wing in band, brought them to YL club, and claimed them as my own.  I went to college almost right away, and so have watched on from a geographical distance as Bailey, Josh, and Kristin fell in love with Jesus.  Now they are leaders of their peers, going off to college, leading YoungLife, and introducing their own babies to Jesus Christ.  Legacies of sports, band, and popularity fall away when the wonder of God shows up.

Today was a day of love. A day of hope. Real hope. Hope and promise in He who is faithful and unswerving.


^^babies. Josh Bailey Kristin (more commonly known as Krittin or Kittin)


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